Hyundai Creta

Hyunda Creta car for rent in dubai

Hyundai Creta Car Rental in Dubai

Get This greenhorn Car From Our Dubai Stering rental Services Are you an admirer of the foremost recent vehicles?Then you’ve got got have to be compelled to create this decision when next, you’d wish to rent a car monthly in Dubai — Choose Hyundai Creta .While some may accept any car, other car fanatics am passionate about it when it’s greenhorn.It doesn’t matter if you’re an admirer of old, or new cars, the Hyundai Creta is one car that doesn’t fail to top your list.
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Hyundai  Creta :

Hyundai Creta has proved its unique engineering design and technology during this greenhorn car model again, making Dubai you-drive services more enjoyable.It features a sophisticated high steel strength, sporty bumper, push start button, leather-wrapped wheel and optimized acceleration. Imagine accelerating safely at high speeds with confidence; it’s what virtually all sports car lovers wish to possess, It’s budget-friendly and permits you to need up to 4 pieces of bags while nesting up to five passengers.

Hyundai’s Darling SUV

You stand to enjoy an unprecedented customer support once you come for our Dubai you-drive services.Just click here to form inquiries and car bookings, Creta — Hyundai’s Darling SUV’s are the flag bearers of any car maker, Since Hyundai isn’t as popular as its competitors, it absolutely was guaranteed to release an exemplary vehicle!Although the fleet of this SUV isn’t quite old, it’s given ample courage to the corporate.All in all, it offers a particular competition to the top SUVs that are hovering the market including Honda CR-Z and Toyota Fortuner.

Let or not it’s the luxurious, sleek, and aerodynamic style or durability; you’d never feel disappointed by its performance in any of those areas.Just go gently against the accelerator, and you’d feel a robust thrust of Creta’s engines against your body.With such immense power, this SUV must possess a durable and robust structure to produce the sensation of true luxury.That’s exactly where Hyundai Creta’s Advanced High Steel Strength wins the battle!Since there are already ample SUVs within the market, Hyundai had to undertake to do and do something more appealing for the final public to form its Creta worthwhile.

Curves look good everywhere and who knows it better than Hyundai? Creta SUV is sculptured by elegant hood lines, fascinating bumper and smooth creases throughout the mainframe of its body.Especially the rear bumper feeds the zeal of sporty look lovers!In an SUV, all passengers and particularly the driving force should enjoy an unparalleled level of comfort.Therefore, Hyundai has put an enormous room inside the cabin, and on the driver’s end, beside adjusting lever of seat height, leather wrapped wheel, push start, and in reality,there’s an array of buttons within the foremost accessible positions, AHSS doesn’t only offer protection, but its technological design enables efficient handling, acceleration, and a feather-light feeling regarding an SUV!

Benefits of Hiring a Car in UAE

Having your own car can help you in so many ways, from perform your tasks outside to taking your loved ones to a spectacular road trip. But owning a vehicle might be financially challenging for some. If buying an automobile is not possible at the moment, renting an automobile might be the second best option. Here at Sterling Rental read more about us, we can provide you with a number of auto rentals to lease like kia picanto, toyota rush, toyota yaris, nissan suuny, renualt symbol, chevrolet spark, chevrolet malibu, kia rio, ford escape, honda civic etc, We are in the business of providing high-end auto to lease to clients and businesses, Whether you are looking for a Hyundai Creta rent a car Dubai for a trip or a vehicle that matches your preference and needs, your needs are sure to get fulfilled with us, Contact us as per company policy terms & conditions will be applied.

Rental Cost

  • Per/day : 95 AED
  • Weekly: 630 AED
  • Monthly: 2400 AED

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    Engine SizeI4 1
    Fuel SystemPetrol
    Top Speed170kmph
    Dry Weight915kg
    Copy of Passport
    Copy of Residential Visa
    UAE Driving License
    Copy of Emirates ID
    Copy of Passport
    Copy of Visit Visa
    Us, Canada, EU, GCC or international Driving License