Peugeot 301

Peugeot 301 rent a car dubai

Peugeot 301 Car Rental in Dubai

The Peugeot 301 might not have the speed of the sports cars one is employed to seeing sport through the streets of metropolis. Nor will it have the magnificence of the luxurious vehicles that are force up at the city’s most costly nightclubs in their dozens. What it will provide, however, is unwavering responsiveness and strength. a really sturdy automobile, the 301 may be a testament to the grit and determination that place Peugeot on the map 2 centuries past, long before it even entered the auto game. Powerful and sturdy, the Peugeot 301 is ideal for those that want a surefooted vehicle which will take them across the UAE and into its most jaw-dropping cities. It comes fitted with a one.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that’s capable of taking the automobile from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in mere ten.8 seconds. to boot, this car’s engine boasts a H.P. of one hundred fifteen, furthermore as 4-speed transmission. this permits it to be driven across the various terrains of UAE with no complications.Read More

Exterior Peugeot 301

While the outside of the Peugeot 301 might not appear as if sturdy, it’s over capable of withstanding the searing heat and gusts of sand that ar thus common on UAE roads. Meanwhile, the interiors of the automobile makes up for what the outside is lacking visually. This it will through densely soft multi-fabric seats, air-con, Associate in Nursing MP3 interface, and a embarrassment of further options meant to form those long journeys across the UAE pleasurable. Peugeot designed the 301 as a budget automobile, hoping to form their vehicles accessible to each driver Associate in Nursing not simply an elite few. However, no garage within the UAE offers as low a rental rate for the vehicle as we have a tendency to do. With daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates obtainable, you’ll rent the Peugeot 301 from our garage for as very little as sixty four AED per day.

Benefits of Hiring a Car in UAE

Having your own car can help you in so many ways, from perform your tasks outside to taking your loved ones to a spectacular road trip. But owning a vehicle might be financially challenging for some. If buying an automobile is not possible at the moment, renting an automobile might be the second best option. Here at Sterling Rental read more about us, we can provide you with a number of auto rentals to lease, nissan sunny, kia rio, hyundai creta, suzuki ertiga, renualt symbol, toyota yaris, chevrolet spark, chevrolet malibu We are in the business of providing high-end auto to lease to clients and businesses, Whether you are looking for a Peugeot 301 to rent a car Dubai for a trip or a vehicle that matches your preference and needs, your needs are sure to get fulfilled with us, contact us as per company policy terms & conditions will be applied.

Rental Cost

  • Per/day : 75 AED
  • Weekly: 490 AED
  • Monthly: 1500 AED

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    Engine Size1.6l
    Cruise ControlNo
    5 SeaterYes
    7 SeaterNo
    Reverse CameraNo
    Parking SensorsYes
    Copy of Passport
    Copy of Residential Visa
    UAE Driving License
    Copy of Emirates ID
    Copy of Passport
    Copy of Visit Visa
    Us, Canada, EU, GCC or international Driving License