The Renter accepts that the vehicle of alternative has been delivered to them during a good operating condition.

The hires additionally understands and acknowledges that the vehicle is to be came back to Sterling hire car LL C within the same condition once the amount of rent is over

Terms & conditions

  • Daily two hundred kilo meter unit monthly 5100 kilo meter unit afterward 0.50 AED per Kilo meter unit
  • if you’ve got any fine there’ll be AED 60/- surcharge.
  • And fine should be paid right away.
  • Smoking isn’t allowed in our automotives otherwise at the time of car come back you’ll be charge AED 200/-
  • Car pickup across port are going to be AED 50/-
  • Car pickup across Sharjah are going to be AED 50/-
  • Car pickup across Ajman are going to be AED 50/-

Car is insured with comprehensive which suggests if you bought any accident & if there’s your fault then you’ve got to pay Access AED 2000/-.

If you wish automotive with full insurance then you’ve got to pay thirty AED Daily further and three hundred AED For Monthly.

If Your License is a smaller amount Than one Year thus just in case of any Accident (doesn’t matter if your fault or others) you’ve got to Pay 2000 Access

Minimum rent is three days and delivery charge AED fifty and free delivery on weekly basis

if delivery within flying field in port and Sharjah are going to be AED one hundred AED charge and pickup one hundred AED charge.

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